Custom photo shoots for your cover
How much will my custom shoot cost?
Custom shoots are quoted based on what's involved. Simple object shoots are obviously lower than shoots with models, specific costumes, hair, and makeup. Fill out the Price Quote form to get a quote for your cover shoot. Shoots start at $400.

What comes with my custom shoot?
Each custom shoot price quote includes one exclusive rights image.

What type of license comes with my shoot?
You get one exclusive rights image with your custom shoot.
That exclusive rights image has a single title exclusive license.

May I use my exclusive image on promo materials?
Yes you may as long as the image is used on a single title you can use it for the cover and any promo materials connected with the title.

Can I use the image in a video trailer?
Yes as long as it's for the single title you purchased it for.

Can you take a few video clips for trailers?
Yes. Just tell me what you need and I'll do my best to get something for you.

Is there an extra charge for video clips?
Yes there is a charge. Video is still new for us so we are working out the kinks and will have a price list shortly. In the mean time email for a quote.

I want a video trailer but I don't know anyone who does that. Can you recommend someone?
Absolutely, we know very talented artists and designers that can create magic for a video trailer.

If I order a custom shoot will I get exactly what I want?
We do our best to get as close as we can to your vision. But you have to keep realistic expectations. Our model may not look exactly like the character floating around in your head but we'll do our best based on who is available.

Will I get to choose the models for my cover?
More often than not the answer is yes, but sometimes because of scheduling conflicts we have to use who's available.

My story is a historical, can I choose the clothing?
The answer is yes and no. Most of my historical dresses are custom made for us and while we can ask for certain colors and styles, patterns are customizable. Since we aren't historical experts pinterest or google images with sample clothing is very helpful when communicating with our seamstress.

How fast will I get my image?
Timelines depend on many variables. If special items are needed then we need to take ordering and deliver into account. We also need to figure out when the models are available.

Is it possible to see the shoot?
ABSOLUTELY!! We always invite authors to peek in on the shoot via a video chat program called oovoo. Most of the time the connection isn't a problem, but on occasion there are delays. If something is stopping us from connecting you can opt to get real time behind the scenes snap shots via text or email.

What if I need to purchase more than one image for a series?
One exclusive image comes with your custom shoot. If more exclusive rights images are needed send all the details to receive a quote.

What happens to the images I don't purchase?
Images from unchosen sets may or may not be used as exclusive images to be sold once. For example: I shoot your hero & heroine on the couch, on the bed, and against the wall. I also shoot your hero solo on the bed. You purchase a cover image from the bed and promo images from the couch and wall. The solo bed images from the hero are unused. They may be put up as exclusive one time images at the photographer's discretion at least 3 months after the release of your book. If the unused images contain specific wardrobe, props, or accessories specific to your book those extra images will not be considered for resale. The unused images need to meet a criteria to be considered and the author will be advised if and when images are selected. Ask me if this is unclear.

Frequently Asked Questions
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