I want a specific image but I don't have the budget for a full custom shoot are there any options for me?
Yes. You can request an image but it's subject to what props or costumes are currently available. Image requests are not exclusive unless you pay for an exclusive license.

How often do you take special requests?
We try to shoot them once a month or as the schedule permits.

Can I pick out the clothes for my special request?
If you need a historical dress I'll show you the dresses I have in my studio and you can pick from them. If you need an evening dress we will pick something out between my studio wardrobe and the model's personal wardrobe. If we don't have it (i.e. full body armor) then we will make good with what we have available to us. Remember some changes can be made by your artist (i.e. turning a purple skirt red)

Do I get exclusive rights for my special request image?
No. To keep the cost down special request images are non-exclusive rights only. You will have first pick of the images you requested and then the images will go up for sale at a later date. (License Information)

Can I change my mind and order an exclusive rights image?
Yes. Any money paid toward a special request shoot can be applied to an exclusive rights image.
You'll have 14 days to make that switch.

Can I choose the models?
Yes and no. I will tell you who we have scheduled to come in and you can decide who you want to use for your image based on who's available. If you absolutely need a specific model (i.e. a blonde, or that guy with the long hair) I'll try to get them in but there's no guarantee if they aren't available on shoot day.

How much are special request images?
The price is $100 for the first image.

I need more than one image, do I have to pay $100/image?
If you want to order additional images from a special request set then the additional image will be regular price ($20-$35). If you are requesting special images with different props/costumes/models then you will pay $100 for the first image in each set and regular price for each additional image in that set.

Is it possible to see the shoot?
Depending on the days schedule we invite authors to peek in on the shoot for their images via a video chat program called oovoo. If the day is a full day,  video chat can slow things down so on occasion it may not be available.

Can you take a few video clips for my trailer during the shoot?
Yes. Just tell me what you need and I'll do my best to get something for you. (additional charges will apply)

If I want something a little more specific (a certain style dress; or a prop) that you don't have can we still shoot?
Yes. I will source the item and give you the option of paying a little extra to make your image perfect or we can put our heads together to come up with a solution that will work.

My image request is very specific, can I still make a special request?
Yes, as long as I have what's needed then it shouldn't be a problem. If I need to order items the price will be adjust accordingly.

If you have any other questions please email support (at) thereedfiles (dot) com or fill out the contact form.
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